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Revenge on Royalty

Revenge on Royalty

Rating: PG-15-NC-17

Main Pairing: Hanchul

Other Pairings: Haehee, Sibum, Kangteuk, Eunhae, Kyumin, Yewook

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance

Disclaimer: I do not Super Junior, just the plot

Warnings: Mentions of blood and death, cursing and sexual situations

Summary: The Han and the Kim Kingdom were never in good terms. 4 years after Han Geng gets crowned king, he and his brother considers a plan on getting back at the Kims by breaking their only prince

The brothers Han Geng and Siwon, were just innocent children during the war 15 years ago. Although innocent, they experienced the pains of war and experienced the hate, pain and loneliness that came afterwards.

Kim Heechul is the only son of the Kims who, ever since he was born, was kept hidden by his family.

One day, the brothers found out about the existence of Heechul. Because of their want to get back at the Kims for the war that happened 15 years, they decided to play around until they break the prince then wage war.


Chapter 1: ( I would’ve killed you already. )

Chapter 2(with cut scenes – cut scenes omitted): ( He felt broken because he was in love with Siwon )

2.A (Uncut – cut scenes present): ( It hurts! )

2.B: ( Why does it hurt? )

Chapter 3.A: ( By the way, it is Siwon who is requesting you )

          3.B: ( Could he be Kyuhyun's brother? )

Chapter 4.A: ( I think I love you )

          4.B: ( You're a shame to your kingdom )

Chapter 5.A: ( That triggered the war )

          5.B: ( I want to forget their touches and their words )

          5. Cut scene: ( I love you and not your body )

Chapter 6.A: ( Tomorrow, we're going into war )

          6. A –UNCUT (cut scenes present): ( He felt low )

          6.B: ( People are going to die )

Chapter 7.A: ( You're beautiful )

          7. Cut Scene: ( It would be better if I could kiss you and see you )

          7.B: ( I need to know what happened to Sungmin! )

Chapter 8.A: ( I'm their prince! You wanted to kill me! )

          8.B: ( My princess )

Chapter 9.A: ( Where do you think you're going? )

          9. Cut scene: ( Tell me the truth )

          9.B: ( Are you falling for him? )

Chapter 10.A: ( You're going to hurt me again! )

          10.B: ( I cannot kill an innocent child )

Chapter 11.A: ( Kibum has been kidnapped! )

          11.B: ( Just cry to my brother instead and don't even think of taking your life again )

Chapter 12.A: ( Are you his son? )

          12.B: ( Don't kill him! )

Chapter 13.A: ( I'm so happy that I'm back )

          13.B: ( Farewell, my prince )

Chapter 14.A: ( Why did you lie? )

          14.B: ( Let him go! )

          Special Cut Scene: ( Just show me that you love me too )

Chapter 15.A: ( Let me hold him in my arms one more time before I say my final goodbye )

          15.B: ( I'm going to die soon )

Chapter 16.A: ( People may believe in whatever they want but I believe in destiny and love )

          Cut Scene: ( I don't want to say farewell again )

          16.B: ( I hate you )

Chapter 17 (epilogue): ( Will you marry me? )

Incantare Chapter 10 - END

Incantare - Chapter 10
Rating: PG
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Historical, Tragedy
Pairings: Hankyung/girl!Heechul, (mentions of) Siwon/girl!Kibum, Donghae/Eunhyuk, Kangin/girl!Eeteuk
Summary: Fairies were supposed to stay in their realm. They weren’t supposed to go to human world, but some fairies are just stubborn

Collapse )

My dreaded bodyguard (3/?) pt. B

My dreaded bodyguard (3/?) pt. B

Pairing: Hanchul

Genre: Fluff, Humor, Romance, Drama

Rating: PG

Summary:  As required by celebrities, they have bodyguards. Even if they don’t bring their bodyguard everywhere, they still have one. However, this one celebrity hates having bodyguards. So far, he’s been able to make all the bodyguards assigned to him quit. However, he couldn’t make this certain one leave.

Collapse )

Merry Christmas! Some discontinued Fics will be continued

So, as some of you know, Incantare was discontinued before but was revived, completely rewritten and is now about to end. Since I was looking through the fics while fixing this LJ (which I will continue later because I'm falling asleep)

Anyways, here are the following fics that I'm thinking of starting over AND finishing. I would love to hear your opinions to help me pick which one to rewrite

Trapped in a rebellion:

Setting: Medieval Europe
Summary: The country was covered in chaos. Rebels were everywhere fighting for their country. People were dying. The innocent were suffering. All for the sake of their country. Since the murder of his whole family, Hankyung vowed revenge and joined the rebels.

The Doll

Setting: Modern times
Summary: He was just a normal student living a normal college life with normal friends and a normal family. Everything was normal until he came upon a very not so normal doll who holds a not so normal spirit inside of it.

Who Are You

Setting: Modern Times
Summary: Internet relationships. Do they really work? Is the person who you talk to real? Or are they pretending to be someone they're not? A story of a relationship born out of insecurities and curiosity, and a chance meeting of two people who were never supposed to meet. Is love on the internet real? Or just something that should stay as a hidden guilty pleasure?

Some of you might wonder, "What about Betrayal's Return?" I'm still confused on that one from the replies that I've got. That story was supposed to open up people's eyes to the pain and confusion that children receive. It was supposed to make people understand the reason behind a child's tantrums and whatnot, the insecurities that we adults brush off as bratty behavior without realizing that their tantrums are the equivalent to a man's hidden pains.

Now, as for the fic unlocking MY DREADED BODYGUARD HAS BEEN UNLOCKED BUT I accidentally deleted Chapter 3.B sooo.... please wait until later in the day for I need to look for that chapter in all of these USBs scattered in my room

I'm Your Angel

Title: I’m Your Angel (8 Chapters)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Action
Rating: PG
Pairing: Hanchul, Sichul
Summary: He was just a normal human who was having a normal life in a normal university with normal friends who all came from normal families. He had no complaints. He loved his normal life. However, it will all be taken from him when he comes across an angel with a horrid past.

Prologue: ( And where's your home? Heaven? )
Chapter 1: ( It's okay to be scared. You're only human. )
Chapter 2: ( I want to fly with you )
Chapter 3: ( I'm your angel. I will protect you )
Chapter 4: ( Have fun being human )
Chapter 5: ( You were supposed to protect Adolf Hitler )
Chapter 6: ( Can you smell that? The smell of betrayal. It's so delicious )
Chapter 7: ( I'm not going to be a prisoner to this! )
Chapter 8: ( He's dead )