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Revenge on Royalty (17/17) - Epilogue

Title: Revenge on Royalty (17/17) EPILOGUE

Genre: Drama, Adventure, Angst, Romance (and humor here and there)

Pairing: Hanchul, Kangteuk, Kyumin, Sibum, Yewook, Eunhae

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The Han and the Kim Kingdom were never in good terms. Four years after Han Geng becomes king, he and his brother considers a plan on getting back at the Kims by breaking their only prince.


That evening, Heechul arrived in the dining room for dinner and met his parents.

“Mommy! Daddy!” He gleefully said as he skipped towards them. “I love you two! Thank you!” He hugged Eeteuk and kissed her on the cheek and did the same to Kangin. They didn’t meet up for lunch or earlier because his parents were busy again.

“It’s nice to see you happy, baby,” said Eeteuk as Heechul sat down.

“I love you guys so much!” He exclaimed.

“Heechul,” Kangin seriously said, “next time Hankyung goes here, he’s not allowed to go to your room.”

“Okay,” Heechul said, “I’ll just go to his.”

Both Kangin and Eeteuk froze.

“That’s it,” Kangin said, “You’re going to have Sungmin around with you whenever he’s around.”

“Sure sure,” Heechul said with his grin still on his face, “I just hope he doesn’t become blind.”

Eeteuk wanted to faint.

Kangin stared at his son with wide eyes.

Their son really is back to normal.


A year later, surprisingly for everyone, the two kingdoms merged. The ruling couple of the newly merged kingdom became Kangin and Eeteuk and the main palace is the Kims. Siwon still hasn’t gotten rid of all that pain and stayed in the Han’s palace along with Kibum. He improved a lot though as he started talking to Kangin and Eeteuk. His relationship with Heechul improved also. They finally started to greet each other. Kibum and Han Geng would always force the two of them to talk. It was hard for them though because Heechul would sometimes hide behind Han Geng and Siwon would feel uncomfortable. Having them say “hi” to each other is already a big improvement.

“What’s your surprise for me, Hankyung?” asked Heechul as the king was dragging him to his study in the Han’s palace.

“It’s something for you.”

When they arrived at the study, Han Geng immediately pushed Heechul in the room and locked the door behind them. “Hankyung!” Heechul shouted due to the surprise. He was about to turn and hit Han Geng but he froze when he saw Siwon sitting on the sofa with Kibum standing behind it. Siwon was staring at him wide eyed and Kibum was smiling. Heechul felt all the fear he experienced rush into him. His heart beat faster and he immediately turned to Han Geng and hid behind his back.

“He’s not going to hurt you, Heechul,” Han Geng said. He tried to grab Heechul from his back but the prince wouldn’t allow it. He just held Han Geng’s shoulders tightly so that he’d stay in place as he stared at Siwon with fear.

“Kibum,” Siwon whined, “I told you that I need more time to actually talk to any of them.”

Kibum just smiled. “You’re not going to learn how to talk to them if you keep on avoiding them.”

“But I already talk to Kangin and Eeteuk!”

“You only say ‘hi’ and that’s it!” Kibum scolded Siwon. “It’s time you get used to saying ‘hi’ to Heechul too.”

Back at Han Geng and Heechul, Han Geng was still trying to convince Heechul to get away from his back. “He’s not going to hurt you anymore, Heechul. He changed a lot already.”

“No, no, no!” Heechul let go of Han Geng’s shoulders but wrapped it around Han Geng’s waist. He buried his face on Han Geng’s shoulder and said “I’m scared, Han Geng! I don’t want to stay here!” Heechul was already back to normal but whenever he meets up with Siwon, he turns back to his broken self. If there were a lot of people in the room with him and Siwon, he’d be able to control his fear just like with the meetings he attended before. However, when there are only very few people, he panics and he couldn’t hold in his fear anymore. More people means more security and less means less.

Han Geng sighed.

Kibum sighed.

They both thought ‘this is going to be hard.’

Siwon kept whining that he still wasn’t ready to talk to Heechul because he still felt guilty and Heechul kept hiding behind Han Geng because he was still scared.

That’s how their first try to get the two to talk happened.

Kibum was happy for the merge too and he stayed with Siwon. He was with his love and with his family. He had no more fears about people hating him for being the son of Junki. He’s happy now and he’s also engaged.

Kibum was riding his horse following Siwon.

“Why are you bringing me to the forest in the middle of the night again?” the advisor asked.

“I want to show you something,” answered Siwon. When they both reached the forest, Siwon brought him to the part of the lake where they had a clear view of the full moon. Siwon got off of his horse and Kibum followed. They both sat beside and lake and Siwon took Kibum in his arms. “The moon’s beautiful.”

“It is,” Kibum leaned even more into Siwon.

“Just like you,” Siwon whispered into his ear and Kibum blushed. “I forgot, the other advisors want you to study this new issue.”

“What issue?”

“This,” Siwon handed him a scroll.

Kibum pulled away and took the scroll. He froze though when he noticed what kept the scroll rolled –a silver ring. His heart beat faster and he looked at Siwon with surprised eyes.

“Open it,” said Siwon with a smile.

Kibum removed the ring and slowly opened the scroll with trembling fingers. One the scroll were the words:

‘Without you, I would still be living a life filled with pain and anger.

I could never imagine how I would be if you never entered my life.

You taught me a lot and my heart only opens for you.

Having you in my arms makes me want to love you even more that I never want to let you go.

I would want to have you with me forever –to forever have you in my embrace.

Will you live your life with me eternally?

Will you marry me?’

After reading those last words, Kibum threw himself onto Siwon. They both fell on the grass and Siwon wrapped his arms around the advisor. “I will! I love you, Siwon! I love you!” He pulled away and placed his lips on the prince.

Even if the two kingdoms merged and the main palace is the Kim’s, the Han’s palace still acted as one. Ryeowook and Yesung still performed there and would travel between the two palaces and all over the now huge kingdom because of their shows. Also, they were already married.

Ryeowook was supposed to practice his new song with Yesung at the piano room. He entered the room and saw Yesung playing a lovely ballad. He walked towards him and sat beside the other. When the words “I love you” were sung in the song, Yesung stopped singing as he kissed Ryeowook. His fingers, however, stayed on the piano keys. He pulled away from Ryeowook and told him to go remove the piano sheets from its stand on the piano. Ryeowook didn’t wonder why as he did what he was told. When he took the sheets though, he froze. On the sheet’s stand was a silver ring on soft little pillow. Yesung continued playing and continued singing the love song. After the words “I love you,” he stopped singing again and asked Ryeowook, “Will you marry me?” Ryeowook started crying and faced Yesung. “Of course I’ll marry you.” Yesung smiled and continued playing for Ryeowook as the smaller one wrapped his arms around him.

Shindong was still the same. He met a girl in the town though and has been trying to win her over for months already.

“Come on, it’s impossible that you don’t have any favorite meal!” Shindong told the girl as they were walking on the streets.

“Nope, none,” the girl shook her head.

“I can cook you anything you want! From barbecued whatever to stew anything!”

The girl looked at him. “You didn’t make any sense.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that.” Shindog scratched his head as he thought of something to say. “Hey, how about dancing? I can dance too!”

The girl just smiled.

Henry and Zhou Mi being in the palace were finally known to the advisors but they weren’t able to do anything about it anymore. Now that Han Geng knows that they’re related and met up with Zhou Mi, the advisors just kept that issue their little secret.

Henry was playing the violin for one of the palace celebrations. Ryeowook and Yesung were singing and he felt happy because he can perform with his friends again. He’s already 18 and he just felt so happy to be around everyone that he cares for. He looked to his side and smiled. He was in a relationship with the pianist that was playing with them. However, he hasn’t told Zhou Mi about them being officially together yet. He knows that his dad will freak and go on with his speech about how his “two little baby boys are young men now!” He’ll tell him about her one day.

Zhou Mi would meet up with Han Geng a lot. After all, he’s part of Han Geng’s childhood and he treats him like his own son.

“Zhou Mi? Is that really you?” Han Geng uttered as he saw the advisor walking through the Kim’s corridors.

“Geng!” Zhou Mi exclaimed and they walked towards each other.

“I haven’t seen you in years!” Han Geng felt like crying. Zhou Mi practically raised him along with his parents. He was like a second dad to him.

“I know.”

“What happened? I didn’t know that you are here!”

“It’s a long story, Geng,” Zhou Mi smiled. “I’m just happy to see you again.”

Han Geng smiled.

Even after all the pain Zhou Mi’s been through because of the advisors, he didn’t want to cause them hurt by telling Han Geng what they did. He was miserable during that part of his life but now he’s living in joy. As long as he’s united with the people he loves, he could forget the pain.

Donghae and Eunhyuk were happy together and Eunhyuk already moved to Donghae’s room. Eunhyuk was content with being with him and Donghae was excited for the future. They’re even planning to adopt a child already.

“Hey, Eunhyuk?” Donghae said as both he and Eunhyuk were walking in the forest. They both have their day off from all their performances that day.


Donghae jumped in front of Eunhyuk with a wide grin. “What do you say to adopting children?”

“Children?” Eunhyuk’s eyes widened. He hadn’t thought about those things one bit.

“Yeah, unless if you want to go to a witch doctor to put some magic on you so you could give birth, that could probably work too,” Donghae wasn’t joking about that part.

“Wi-witch doctor?!” Eunhyuk took a step back. “Where did you get that idea from?!”

Donghae shrugged. “I was telling Heechul that I want to adopt children with you and he told me to go to a witch doctor to put some magic onto you.”

Eunhyuk took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He opened it again and told Donghae in a soft yet icy voice, “What did I tell you about listening to him? He was just joking around!” It reminded him of how Heechul joked around on how to get him in Donghae’s bed.

“I just want children!”

Kangin was improving his relationship with the brothers. He could finally have a good conversation with Siwon and he found it easier to talk to the younger of the two. Whenever he’s with Han Geng though, he kept remembering the scene that he saw.

“Kangin,” Kangin sighed as he was talking to himself inside the study. “The war is gone and that’s the end of it all. My family killed the brothers’ parents and practically 15 years of their life. They only destroyed less than a year of mine,” Kangin took in a deep breath. “Everything’s okay now. You’re not an angry man, Kangin, you’re not. You finally have a good relationship with Siwon. You can adjust to Hankyung.” He leaned on his seat. “He’s together with my son now. He might be your soon to be son-in-law. No more wars, no more anger, everything’s at peace right now. All that needs to be fixed right now is the remaining awkwardness and the lingering pain.” Kangin sighed and stood up. “That’s it. I can’t take it,” he left his study. “Hankyung better be in his own room!”

Eeteuk wasn’t that tight on Heechul and Han Geng as compared with Kangin. After all, Heechul was already 20. She has no more ill feelings towards the brothers and actually enjoys talking to Han Geng. However, her husband still couldn’t bring himself to forget. She could see that Kangin was trying his hardest as he’d often talk to himself about it. Whenever he couldn’t control himself though, she’d be there to drag him away from finding Han Geng and Heechul to pull them apart. Kangin already accepts Han Geng but he has too much of a father complex even if Heechul’s a guy.

“Seriously, Kangin, Heechul’s not a girl. Fathers usually act this way to their daughters and not their sons,” Eeeteuk told Kangin during dinner when Han Geng and Heechul were at the other palace.

“He looks like a girl and he sometimes act like a girl,” Kangin said as he played with his food. “He probably never even topped Hankyung!”

Eeteuk sighed. Kangin was hopeless.

“Besides, I don’t know! He’s still my child!”

Eeteuk sighed again. “He’s 20 already. Who knows, they might get married one day.”

Kangin looked at Eeteuk. “Can you imagine your little baby getting married?”

Eeteuk looked away. Before Kangin knew it, Eeteuk was shedding tears and softly sobbing. “My baby’s all grown up.”

Kangin was the one who sighed this time. “At least I’m okay with them getting married. I just don’t like them in the same bedroom because of what happened during the war.”

Eeteuk continued sobbing. “My baby’s all grown up! He’s been through a lot and he’s in love! He doesn’t need me in his life anymore!”

“You’ve been keeping it all in for the past year, haven’t you?” Kangin skeptically looked at Eeteuk.

The queen nodded. “I have! My baby’s all grown up! I just wanted act like a mature mom and not be that attached but I am! My baby’s so in love and isn’t a baby anymore!”

Kangin laid his elbow on the table and rested his face on his palm. He knows there was something wrong when he was the one freaking out about Heechul and Han Geng being together. “So have you been worrying about this more than me ever since they got back to each other?”

Eeteuk nodded, “actually, I’ve been stressed over the two of them ever since the war ended. My baby’s all grown up now!”

Kangin sighed. Eeteuk had been keeping her own thoughts and feelings to her own.

“I even walked in on them in the garden. Han Geng was on top of Heechul and, and,”

Kangin’s eyes widened.

“Believe me,” Eeteuk continued, “I don’t like thinking of them doing ‘that’ as much as you!”

Kangin stood up and yelled to the guard near the door. “Prepare my horse! I’m going to the other palace!”

Kyuhyun still thought Heechul and still stayed as a royal advisor. Despite the meetings and the lessons, he’d always have time for his family and Sungmin. After all, all of them were busy during the morning. Sungmin would train his guards and Henry would be practicing or performing. Whenever he’d be with the royal advisors though, his dad would be in the same room with him. Once a week or so, all the advisors would gather. The kingdom was already so huge and they just couldn’t transfer all the advisors to one palace. There wasn’t that much rooms but they couldn’t lessen the number of advisors either for the reason of the kingdom’s size

“This is boring,” Heechul yawned.

“Stop complaining,” said Kyuhyun. “You know you have to know these things.”

“Yeah yeah,” Heechul waved his hand and looked out of the window. “Wow, Sungmin’s getting pretty close with that hot and sweaty, shirtless guard.”

“What?!” Kyuhyun abruptly stood up and ran to the window were Heechul was looking out at. It turns out that Heechul was only fooling around. “There’s no sweaty, shirtless guard with Sungmin!” Kyuhyun turned to see Heechul laughing.

That’s how his lessons with Heechul would go. Whenever he was in his meetings with the advisor, he and his dad would be quiet as they’d both be listening to what’s going on. During his free time, he’d go and watch Henry practice. At night, after dinner when everyone would go to their own individual chambers, he’d be with Sungmin.

Sungmin still served as the general. Since the merging, however, there have been two of them. The other general was situated at the Han’s side while Sungmin stayed at the Kim’s side. Sungmin was thankful for it because he couldn’t imagine leading the men who he fought against with before –he couldn’t imagine the guards getting along with each other either. His wounds were fully healed too but a scar stayed on his chest.

“You sure it doesn’t hurt anymore?” Kyuhyun asked Sungmin as he traced the light, almost unnoticeable scar on Sungmin’s chest. They were both in their bed already and Kyuhyun just got a flashback of the nights whenever Sungmin would wake up screaming.

“It doesn’t anymore,” Sungmin answered as he faced Kyuhyun on the bed. “I’m totally healed already.”

“Good,” Kyuhyun softly kissed Sungmin’s lips. “Just remember your promise.”

“Which one?” Sungmin wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun and pushed him on the bed so he could place his head on his chest.

“That you’re going to quit your job if another war happens.”

Sungmin nodded. “I’m never going to break that promise. I don’t want to imagine ever leaving you. I want to stay beside you as long as I live.”

“Same here,” Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around Sungmin’s body. “I don’t want you to disappear from my life.

The two fell asleep being in each other’s arms. The next day, Sungmin woke up to breakfast in bed and a marriage proposal.

Even with the merging, Han Geng would transfer from one palace to another. He wasn’t as busy as before since Kangin took all the responsibility as king. It was even their, Kangin and Eeteuk’s, decision to join kingdoms because the two heirs are together with the two Hans. Heechul still stayed as the first heir but this time along with Han Geng. He, Han Geng, spent most of his time with Heechul. At certain times, however, he’d go to Kangin and continue begging for forgiveness.

“I’m really sorry for everything,” said Han Geng as he stood in front of Kangin’s desk in his study.

“I told you that I forgave you already. Your parents were killed and you went through more pain than me,” answered Kangin.

“But you’re still uncomfortable with me being with Heechul.”

Kangin’s jaw stiffened.

“I’m sorry,” Han Geng bowed.

“If you’re going to say ‘sorry’ until I feel okay with you touching my son then you better stop because it’ll take you forever,” Kangin glared. “Even Eeteuk doesn’t want to imagine those things. She’s just keeping quiet.”

“But,” Han Geng looked at him with pleading eyes.

Kangin sighed. “I told you that I already approve of you to be with my son. I’m just not okay with you two sleeping together.”

“He’s almost 20 and I’m 25 already! We’re going to get married sooner or later,” Han Geng whined.

Kangin tensed.

“I think that I better go now,” Han Geng took a step back.

Kangin continued glaring. He kept thinking that it should be Eeteuk who’s acting like this but Eeteuk is just too nice to get in the way of their love. Kangin, however, still couldn’t get rid of the images he had in his mind.

Heechul couldn’t ask for anything more.

Heechul was in the Han’s palace. They were at the gardens and he was seated on top of Han Geng’s lap.

“I love you,” Heechul muttered onto Han Geng’s lips as his hands were on his face.

“I love you too,” Han Geng whispered and took Heechul’s lips onto his own. Heechul was loud and confident, a person who seems to always be joking around. However, when he was with Han Geng, his whole self shows. He shows his vulnerability, his insecurity, his fears and his soft side –the side that he’s not comfortable showing to other people because he thinks that he has to be strong. Han Geng felt special that he’s one of the very few people who Heechul shows this side to. It’s a show of complete trust in one another. After all, a joker can’t joke the whole day. They’re people too and they have their quiet moments.

“I really love you,” Heechul pulled away but their eyes stayed on each other.

Han Geng softly smiled. “It’s amazing that you can be this sweet but in front of others you can be as cocky as ever.”

“Whatever,” Heechul said but with no roll of eyes, glares, or smirks. He just looked softly at Han Geng but didn’t smile for he doesn’t have to whenever he’s with Han Geng. After all, being happy and loud all the time takes its toll. They’re both just happy to be with each other

“I’ll never leave you ever again, Heechul,” Han Geng took in his lips again and pulled Heechul close to his body.

Heechul moaned into the kiss and moved so that his knees were on either side of Han Geng’s hips. “You know what,” Heechul pulled away and laughed, “if dad sees me acting like this, he’ll kill me.”

Han Geng laughed too, “he’ll kill me first. He’ll be saying that I corrupted your brain and made you act this way.”

Heechul pushed his body onto Han Geng’s. “That was a long time ago. It’s different now. You respect and love me too much to go into my room and force yourself onto me. If he only knows that I’m the one who sneaks into your room at night.”

Han Geng smiled, “If only he knows then he wouldn’t be screaming at me every morning.”

Heechul’s smile softened and he started to caress Han Geng’s face. “I love you. I really love you. You’re my first and only love, Geng.”

Han Geng brought their faces close so that he’d mutter on Heechul’s lips, “same here. Also, you’re the one I’m destined to be with. I believe in destiny and I believe that you’re the one my heart’s yearning for.”

Heechul felt so loved that he closed the gap between him and Han Geng. ‘Never leave me. I love you so much to have you out of my life.’

And the two were already engaged.

“Why did you suddenly decide on dancing again? What’s with all the rose petals too?” asked Heechul as Han Geng was leading him across the ballroom. Han Geng just walked up to him and told him that he wanted to dance and dragged Heechul with him. The whole ballroom was lit and complete with their musicians while on the dance floor laid scattered rose petals. They had the whole floor all to themselves.

“Because I love dancing with you,” said Han Geng as he threw Heechul and pulled him back to his chest and arms

“You know I don’t like dancing,” Heechul complained.

Han Geng just softly smiled, “You’ll like what I’ll tell you.” Han Geng dipped Heechul and froze. The music stopped, Heechul’s back was arched on Han Geng’s arms and their faces were close to each other. “I love you.”

Heechul smiled. “Is that what you want to tell me?”

“That and,” Han Geng snapped Heechul’s back in place and turned him around only to pull him backagainst his chest. He knows that Heechul hates being treated as a girl on the dance floor but he didn’t care about that fact. “Will you marry me?”

Heechul’s eyes widened and he looked at Han Geng in surprise.

“I love you,” Han Geng softly kissed Heechul’s lips. He pulled away and the musicians stayed silent. He removed his hand from Heechul’s hip and took out a small box from his pocket. He turned Heechul one more time and let his hand leave his. After the turn when they were facing each other again, the small box was already open.

“Hankyung,” Heechul whispered. In the small box was a silver ring.

“Will you marry me?” Han Geng asked again. He was about to bend to one knee but Heechul grabbed his arm and kept him standing.

“Don’t kneel, that’s so cliché,” Heechul said before tears started to attack his eyes. “Of course I’ll marry you.”

Han Geng smiled. He immediately wrapped his arms around Heechul and smashed their lips against each other.

The musicians witnessed everything and started playing a ballad. When the two separated, Han Geng put the ring on Heechul’s finger and they both started to dance across the dance floor again.


Another year later and a few months after their marriage…

“Hankyung,” Heechul said as he lay on Han Geng’s chest on the bed.

“Yes, love?” Han Geng caressed Heechul’s hair.

“I want a child.”


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